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How long will my cake last?

From the date of collection, your cake can last up to 7 days when stored correctly as outlined above.

How do I store my cake?

As all our cakes are filled and covered with delicious buttercream, they need to be stored in the fridge at all times. When cut, cover the cake with cling film to keep it free of fridge odours.

When getting ready to serve, take the cake out of the fridge for a few minutes beforehand.

NEVER put the cake in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

How do I order?

All orders are taken via email or via direct message on our Facebook page.

We do not take orders over the phone as we bake during working hours, so get to emails when we can sit down!

How much notice do you need?

It's always best to place your order as soon as you know you'll need it, but 3 weeks is usually enough notice. We can sometimes fit in last minute orders - just contact us to see!

What size are your cakes?

All of our cakes are 3 layers, so around 5-6" tall. The rainbow cakes are taller, as they are 6 (slightly smaller) layers tall. To give a guide, this is roughly twice the height of a traditional supermarket cake

Do you deliver?

We do not deliver at the moment and the cost of our cakes reflect that. We are a home bakery, so can offer collection times out of working hours to suit you.

Can I have a different flavour?

We have 10 delicious & popular flavours to choose from, but if you have a favourite that's not on there, please get in touch and we can do our best to accommodate.

How do I transport my cake?

The best way to transport your cake is in the front passenger footwell with the air-conditioning on. Some cakes are too tall to fit a lid on the box, so make sore the area is as clean as possible.

Can I change my order?

Yes! We just need enough notice, so please contact us no later than 7 days when wanting to change your cake order.

Do you make vegan cakes?

Unfortunately, most of our key ingredients are dairy based, so no.

However, we can recommend a great Leeds based vegan bakery if you get in touch!

Here are the answers to the most common questions we get asked.

If there is anything not included here please email us and we will get back to you ASAP.

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